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bones and shadows

The Animal State’s second release, ‘Bones and Shadows’, is a selection of three songs which originally appeared on an unreleased demo in 2017.  After the release of his debut in May 2020, The Animal State returned to the studio to re-record the better part of this earlier work.  The result is an EP with the raw energy of an incipient artist but with the benefit of a more refined understanding of the engineering process.


As with The Animal State’s debut album, ‘Bones and Shadows’ is a conceptual EP.  Each song is inspired by a different novel or character (the last song is even named after the book which inspired it) and there is a theme of vengeance and pursuit that threads each song together. The music itself is a fitting reflection of this theme.  Though predominantly flavoured with a classic hard rock sound there are quiet and haunting moments peppered throughout, from the ‘spaghetti western’ vibes at the start of ‘Comanche’ to the soft menacing intro guitars of ‘The Unvanquished’, and overall it follows the long-form progressive structure that fans of his debut album will be familiar with.

The Animal State is currently in the studio working on a new full-length album.

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